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Mia Stawinski

Coral Garden

Coral Garden

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Photographer: Mia Stawinski

Location: Maldives

Description: When I arrived in The Maldives for the first time, I remember thinking that the ocean floor will be filled with colorful coral gardens. Unfortunately, I experienced the contrary, miles and miles of bleached corals with no color in sight. Bleaching events, caused by the warming oceanhave affected between 60 and 90 percent of the Maldives' coral reefs. When noticing the stark difference between this colorful coral garden and the bleached corals, I experienced a glimpse of hope. With the right education and awareness around the health of our planet, corals can survive and even thrive into the future. 

Materials Used:
Printed on Giclée Hahnemühle Bamboo 


3:2 Ratio Size Border Editions
Small 12x8 1 inch 100
Medium 24x16 1 inch 50
Large 36x24 2 inch 10
Extra Large 60x40 No Border 5

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    I operate on a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In case of damage or if you are not happy with the print for any reason, please contact me through the Contact form and I will be happy to resolve any issues.