Above & Below

With this limited print collection, 'Above & Below', I invite you on a journey of my most captivating wildlife encounters of the past two years. These upclose photographs serve as a reminder of our interconnectedness to the natural world. I hope these images will bring some wilderness to your home as we work together to protect these beautiful creatures and ecosystems.

My Story

My name is Mia Stawinski. I am an award-winning topside and underwater photographer. My mission is to create content that highlights the beauty of the world’s magnificent wildlife and landscapes and inspire collective action in protecting the natural world. I work with non-profits globally to help spread their mission through my photography. Ultimately, my goal is to foster greater appreciation for our planet, encourage outdoor exploration and drive real conservation impact.

Thank you for visiting my shop and supporting my photography work!

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100% Carbon Neutral Artwork

I try my best to prioritize sustainability and conservation into everything that I do. I'm very excited to have found a leading fine art printer to partner with that is not only carefully creating my prints with high definitition equipment but also very conscious about the environmental impact of the printing process. All my prints are printed on sustainable materials and printed in a way that is 100% carbon neutral.

  • Beautiful!

    "Absolutely in love with the rhino photograph. It reminds me of my time in Tanzania. The colors are warm and the quality of the paper is amazing. Very excited to frame it soon!"
    - Julia

  • Love the colours!

    "Completely obsessed with this print, it has such a calming, etherial feel to it and the colours really pop. I love that Mia has focused on a carbon neutral process and that she uses sustainable paper!"
    - Elise G.